Shoe House

This shoe house is a quarter-inch kit by Suzanne and Andrew’s Miniatures. They have a few variations on the theme.

The kit came with everything but the landscaping and base, which I added. I added polka dots to the shoestring.

My story for this house is that it was found by mice who turned it into their residence. Mr. Mouse had studied some architecture and design books and so transformed the shoe into their abode. Mrs. Mouse likes pink and polka dots, so she put them everywhere.

The house is wired for light–wires go out through the hole in the base.

The kitchen is in the base of the shoe, which is completely covered by the house on top. You can view the kitchen only through the window and front door.

The finished kitchen before I put the house on top.

The top floor has a bedroom and tiny bathroom.

Living room. I haven’t finished decorating, but have the basic furniture in.

The bathroom has a cozy tub.

More to come on this cute house!