Sparrow Cottage

IMG_1652 (960x1280)

Scroll down for pictures of both exterior and interior.

IMG_1657 (960x1280)

Sparrow Cottage is a kit by Sue Herber. I finished the outside pretty much following the kit’s instructions, but played with the interior a bit.

IMG_1656 (960x1280)

IMG_1655 (960x1280)

IMG_1654 (1280x960)

I added the staircase to the interior (was not part of the kit). I show how I did this in the first blog post on this project. The railing and newels posts are from Grant Line miniatures.

My “story” for this house is: It belongs to a widow with many grandchildren. She moved out to this cottage by the sea when her husband passed, to spend her days in happy memories (it used to be their summer home). She invites the kids and grandkids over all the time, and the number one priority is feeding them! So she’s rearranged the furniture to have a big table in the living room rather than a sofa and chairs, and does much baking in the large kitchen.



Pie baking is going on in the back at the kitchen table. The shelves of the open pantry are filled with goodies and fruit my lady canned herself.


A blue fuzzy bathrobe waits in the cozy bathroom.


A comfy single bed fits nicely under the eaves.


Most of my houses have a reading nook.


The living/dining room with plants and books and tea waiting to be served at the table.


Another reading nook nestles between front door and stairs.

IMG_1653 (1280x960)

A thoroughly enjoyable build.

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