Colonial House

IMG_2136 (600x800)

I started this Colonial Tavern in college. Recently, I decided to overhaul and update it. I blogged about it starting here: (or search Colonial House in the blog search box). This is the finished work!

The house is two rooms, once upstairs, one down. Tavern below, living quarters upstairs. (Not authentic, but has the feel of the early eighteenth century.)

IMG_2137 (600x800)

IMG_2138 (600x800)

IMG_2139 (600x800)

Since the remodel I added new items, including Shaker pieces from the Boorums (Smaller Than Life) and others.

IMG_2141 (600x800)

IMG_2142 (600x800)

IMG_2143 (600x800)

This lovely little seed box is by Smaller Than Life.

IMG_2144 (600x800)

This spinning wheel, which I bought at a dollhouse auction, is a work of art. The pedal really moves the wheel, and the cord moves the spindle. (As you can see, the cord needs repair.)


The refinished facade.


I made the partially peeled orange from Fimo.

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