Lisa’s Country Antiques

IMG_6767 (768x1024)

This shop started from the one-roomed kit called Lisa’s Country Cottage, from Houseworks.

IMG_6761 (768x1024)

I modified it a little, putting on a dormer window, and leaving off half the roof to enclose it in acrylic instead. Easier to see the goods upstairs.

IMG_6762 (768x1024)

IMG_6763 (768x1024)

I made this into an antique shop to display all the many little things that had no place elsewhere, especially all the old lamps (which I wired–they work!).

IMG_6697 (1091x1280)

An antique shop is fun, because it doesn’t have to be logical, or tasteful. Everything is piled everywhere. I decorated it by taking each piece of furniture and composing a sort of still-life on it, then putting it all together.

IMG_6707 (960x1280)

The Shaker table is also used as the business desk for the owners–here’s their laptop, which they use instead of a cash register, and an old fashioned land line phone that still works for them.

IMG_6706 (960x1280)

The green pillows on this are buttons from my mother’s “car coat” that she used to wear in the late 1960s.

IMG_6705 (960x1280)

These are newer acquisitions. The pretty plates I bought at Ginger Landen-Siegal’s table at the NAME convention in 2013–they are paper printed and gloss-coated. They make nice trays for the loose silverware I got at Mainly Minis.

IMG_6703 (960x1280)

Carpet bag came in the boxes I bought with The Blue House. Hats are from a Chrysnbon kit. Flip-flops? Who knows?

IMG_6702 (1280x960)

The tavern sign I bought from Laura Crane at the NAME 2013 show. The pitcher and bowl was one of the first things I bought when I started mini-ing in my early teens.

IMG_6701 (960x1280)

IMG_6700 (960x1280)

The GWTW lamp lights. Sideboard is a House of Miniatures kit, put together by me. I painted an reupholstered the Chrysnbon chair for the scene.

IMG_6699 (960x1280)

IMG_6698 (960x1280)

Another collection of stuff on the table I acquired over the years. The tops really spin.

IMG_1570 (960x1280)

The stained glass window used to be on a window in The Big House.

IMG_1568 (960x1280)

A full shot of the hutch, with pretty glassware on top.

IMG_6720 (960x1280)

Underneath is more junk for sale. For some reason I had a huge amount of metal spatterware (from boxes I bought with The Blue House). I put much of it into a basket for shoppers to dig through.

IMG_1567 (960x1280)

IMG_1566 (960x1280)

IMG_6760 (1024x768)

Upstairs. Much easier to see all the stuff without the roof!

IMG_6719 (960x1280)

Vintage sewing box by Reutters, old Clare Bell Brass Works decanter set, on top of a chest from Realife Miniatures.

IMG_6718 (960x1280)

I had a bedstead from House of Miniatures I wanted to use, but with a mattress, it took up too much space. Solution: Put it in bare, and put furniture inside it. This would happen at a crowded, cluttered antique shop. Hat box was in my goody bag at NAME. Chairs with woven seats I bought in Hong Kong.

IMG_6717 (960x1280)

This was a “round table” kit at NAME 2013. It also came with more faux boxes that I have used elsewhere.

IMG_6712 (960x1280)

Spool box kit I also picked up at NAME.

IMG_6710 (960x1280)

IMG_6709 (1280x960)

Hey, I recognize that book! The Care and Feeding of Pirates. I have always loved that cover–a fun one designed by Judy York. This was one of my first books that sold in well, and helped build my name in the genre. I still love the story!

IMG_6708 (1280x960)

IMG_2472 (600x800)

The wraparound porch outside holds even more antiques. Treasures range from an old-timey radio made from bits and bobs to a beautifully crafted set of golf clubs by Nantasy Fantasy (there are real, tiny golf balls in the pouch on the side.)

IMG_2475 (600x800)

IMG_2474 (600x800)

IMG_2477 (600x800)

IMG_2476 (600x800)

IMG_2478 (600x800)

IMG_2479 (600x800)

IMG_2480 (600x800)

IMG_2473 (600x800)

IMG_2481 (600x800)

IMG_2482 (600x800)

I tend to collect things I just like the look of (or I make) with no idea where to put them. An antique store is a great solution!

2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Country Antiques

  1. Oh poor you with the flooring! I can well imagine your fingers twitch when you can’t get at the miniatures. I spend six months of each year away from mine and it’s very hard – it means I spend a lot of money trawling the UK charity shops for things I can’t get in the Czech Republic where my little museum is.

    I hope you get sorted very soon….

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