Moroccan Fantasy


I called this Moroccan Fantasy because I have no idea if you’d see a room exactly like this in Morocco. I was inspired by photos of Moroccan interiors, so maybe it’s a room by someone who likes the Moorish look.


(Scroll down for close-up pics.)
The entire box was made of found items or inexpensive hobby store purchases. The one extravagance is pillows by Wendy Smale (see also the Blue House B&B, The Big House, and the Lingerie Addict scene for her work). I knew I needed cushions strewn everywhere so I contacted her for them.

The pointed arches are cut from art paper.

All the rest, the pitcher, tea glasses, carpet, table, and lattice I had laying around in my supply cabinet. Who says you never use your old junk?


I made the simple couches out of balsa, foam, and a scrap of silk fabric.


Pillows by Wendy Smale


Moroccan mint tea waits to be drunk. I can’t remember the artisan who made the beautiful blue pot (bought at mini show).


A place to recline and dream.

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