New Orleans Courtyard


This courtyard was a kit from the Gulf South minatures event in New Orleans. I wasn’t there, but I won the kit in a raffle at one of the State Days in my city in the west.
The kit consisted of bare plywood walls/floor/roof, a sheet of brick paper, and a piece of cardboard. Instructions told how to put the courtyard together, how to stucco, and how to use the cardboard to make pavers.

I learned so much! This was the “paint and tissue” method of stucco, some of which I did well, some of which I didn’t. (Paint hides a lot.) I used aging methods I’d learned doing the Arch de Provence house, and I think it turned out fine. I used a lot of things I had lying around, including the shingles, though I purchased the fountain, the “window” grill, and the light for it.

Scroll down for pictures.


I aged the walls with a wash of burnt umber, latte, and antique white acrylic paints, over a base coat of light ivory (all by Ceramcoat). I aged the shingles the same way (but without the base coat). Pavers are cut out of cardboard, painted burnt umber and then dabbed with burnt umber, black green, and latte (Ceramcoat again). The finished courtyard. Vines are by Bill Lankford.


The back before I put the door in. I like the detail of the “boarded up” archway.


Detail of the aged fountain and the “weeds.”


A shot of the courtyard at night.

4 thoughts on “New Orleans Courtyard

  1. Thank you! I bought a similar kit when I was in New Orleans years ago and now I finally have time to work on it. You did a great job.😊

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