This Mess is a Place


This was another throw-together-in-a-weekend project. I’d been thinking about and saving stuff for the scene for some time. (Scroll down for lots of pics.)

When I was in high school one of my girlfriends’ mother had a sign in her kitchen “This mess is a place.” It tickled me. A while ago, when I was experimenting with making mini bubble bath scenes I discovered that clear beads look like dirty sudsy water rather than pretty bubble bath (use white pearl beads for bubble bath).

I made the bag of tipped over pet food (is it the cat’s or the dog’s? It’s the cat’s now) from a bag filled with a mitxure of tiny beads, glue, and burnt umber paint. Plaque made by me (obviously). The sink, Chrysonbon chair and Chrysonbon plates/cups/bowls were purchases at mini shops that collected in my cabinet. The dog, ditto.

Purchased for the room from Mainly Minis: Cat, dog bowl, dish detergent bottle, cat towel holder and towel, and checkerboard mug. (Mainly Minis has the coolest accessories.)

Scroll down for close-ups. This scene now resides in my kitchen.




Front view of sink. Not easy to see here, but I simulated the “gunk” that gathers on a bottle of dish detergent with Gallery Glass stain (sunflower).

View from the top. I knicked the “cane” of the Chrysonbon chair to make it look old and unraveled.


Kitty really wants his kibble. The sink drainpipe is two bendy straws put together.


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