Westville–Exterior plans

I had this great idea to do the exterior of the Westville with stucco and paperclay stonework.

Not that I’ve ever done anything with paperclay before.

But–I had a quarter-inch scale house kit in my stash which is stucco on top, creative paperclay stonework on the base. So, for practice, I took it out and started it.

This is the structure so far. It’s a simple house (a couple of rooms). I have stuccoed it and put on the trim, and I will do a build-along for the paperclay part. A learning experience for me!

For the stucco, I used carpenter’s wood filler. I’m not sure I will do that again to stucco the Westville. I live in a dry climate (and it’s a dry time of year), and the wood filler was already half dried by the time I took it out of the container. It was impossible to smooth down, and I ended up with a much thicker coat than I wanted. But it’s rustic, right? So I will experiment with other products and see if I can find something better (textured paint comes to mind).

The interior is simple but a nice space. This is Stone Briar Manor from Suzanne and Andrew’s minis. They based it on a real house, which is now a library, so I might make mine a library too. (If I don’t chicken out making all those books …)

This kit has been retired and no longer available. They’ve retired a lot of their kits, which is sad, because they’re fabulous!

But peeking on their site just now (https://andrewsmini.com/miniatures/), I see they have a Fairytale house that looks cute. Also a Seaside Cottage that is a variation of the Creekside one I did. I really love their kits so I hope they continue them or bring back retired ones from time to time (which is how I got the Stone Briar one).

More on paperclay to come!