Bathroom (Third Floor)

The bathroom, like the kitchen, was a big challenge.





This room was the library, but it was deep and dark, and the wallpaper has begun to deteriorate. I kept the flooring and the door on the right–all else was overhauled.

In progress: Shower and walls installed, placement of tub.

The ceiling and canned lights in place, photo for outdoor scene–the beach in La Jolla, CA (pic taken by me).

The bathroom components in place.

As in the other rooms, I thought this deep box would benefit from having its space broken up, plus a through-the-window illusion. I liked the idea of both a stand-up, walk-in shower and a giant bathtub (for two!). Plus comfortable furnishings.


The toilet and sink (plus mirror and vanity shelf) are Ruetter Porzelan pieces, the chair Bespaq. Beautiful pillows by Wendy Smale on the chair compliment the color scheme. The fireplace I’ve had forever (in fact, it was in the Music Room when it was the parlor). Tub is a plastic “garden tub” purchased at Hobby Builder Supply and painted. I built the walls around it plus the wall by between toiler and shower.

Shot through the window shows the platform tub with faucets ready to go.



Everything ready for a cozy bath or shower. Towel bar and TP holder (and TP) came out of the old version of the bathroom. Towels are made by me. Room is a combo of old pieces, new pieces, and handmade pieces. The best way!

Filled shelves next to bathtub.




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