Remodeling the kitchen was a bigger chore than I thought it would be, but I think it was worth it.

The room is about 18 x 16 x 12, and I didn’t want this it to be nothing but a big empty box.







I liked the wallpaper and the dado, but to give the room depth and character, I installed a false wall with a window overlooking a balcony and changed the woodwork to stained wood. (I had grandiose ideas of putting plants outside the kitchen window, but it didn’t work out.)

I built new kitchen cabinets and divided the big room with a breakfast bar. Found to-scale cool ceramic tiles and tiled the breakfast bar and backsplash.



I’m decorating the top of the cabinets with plants and the old Victorian accessories from the orignial kitchen (now the Utilities Room). I found a lot of cool modern accessories on the market now (blender, coffee maker, salt and pepper shakers, and other things).




LED Nova Lytes–my first foray into indirect lighting and spots. I put four canned lights in the ceiling, plus one indirect light under the stove hood, and one shining on the breakfast bar. I also installed one in the china cabinet in the sitting room section (see below).



As indicated, I redid all the woodwork (door casings, chair rail, baseboards, cornices) as stained wood, which I think worked well with the dark green cabinetry and the wood floor (which I hand-laid, plank by plank, when I was sixteen).




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