Third Floor Hall

This room started as the Bathroom of the Big House when it was a Victorian mansion. But I like hallways, wanted someplace for the “elevator” to emerge, and wanted a bigger bathroom. Besides, the room is old and tired, and needed fixing up.


The old bathroom, ready for an update.

I thought it would be cool to put in a glimpse of a back garden, grotto, or atrium, whatever, so I gathered materials: 1 photo of trees; 1 piece of textured stone paper from MicroMark, vines, Spanish moss, paper punch flowers, and a fountain.

Fountain is from Lawbre, and the most expensive piece in the room at $30. I put in a bright white NovaLyte above the photo.

Wires for lights go through a hole in the back of the house. I aged the bricks with sponged on paint (brown, green, and tan), used vine materials I’d gotten from  Creative Accents for the Blue House landscaping. Spanish moss and model railroad turf is glued to the floor. I used the fountain as is.

Inside I laid down new flooring (commercially available dollhouse flooring), put in false walls of cardboard covered with mulberry paper and painted. Stain pens make it easy to stain dollhouse mouldings, and it’s done.

The window is framed over a piece of acrylic “glass” by Houseworks and glued in place.


The double doors on the left are the “elevator” doors from below.


The chair I bought a while back from Kari Bloom, and I thought this would be a great setting for it. I added a pillow made by Wendy Smale. The floor lamp is by Little Lamplighter.


I made the trunk on stand using plans from The Scale Cabinetmaker.

IMG_3667 IMG_3668


1 thought on “Third Floor Hall

  1. I just love your LED lighting. I have to fix the lights in a house I commissioned several years ago and am seriously considering changing them to LEDs. Can you do this with the commercially bought shades or do you buy your lights already set up with the LED globes?

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