Utilities Room (Second Floor)

I decided, after the cool elegance of the music room, entrance hall, new kitchen, and upstairs hall, to change the old kitchen into a cluttered, homey utility/garden room.

The room is a small, narrow “corridor” on the second floor. I had it furnished as a Victorian kitchen, and many of the Victorian accessories became knick-knacks for the new, modern kitchen.

Before: The old Victorian kitchen. Far past time to remodel!

I liked the flooring, but the walls needed a facelift. Plus, the 16″ deep, 12″ high room tended to swallow the furnishings, so I decided to use the depth to put in a false wall and faux balcony, to add realism.

Here we have the new back wall in place, through which we can see a balcony/porch overlooking San Francisco (a photo I took from Nob Hill on a beautiful day). The scene is lit by a bright white Nova Lyte.

A detail of the porch through the back door. Planters give it depth. The flooring is the old flooring I pulled off the Big House’s front porch. Brick wall and accessories purchased at Hobby Builder Supply, except for the watering can, which came from the boxes I purchased with The Blue House.

The finished room.




A fun room to do.

4 thoughts on “Utilities Room (Second Floor)

  1. Good on you Shirley! I hope the dollhouse brings many years of joy to you as you finish the outside and get it all back the way you want it to be.

    Jennifer, this utility room is a dream – I want one just like it in RL! You are doing this house in such an interesting way. I love it!

  2. I gave my doll house to my sons daughter, (13yrs.)
    collector for 40 yrs. third doll house. She never unpacked all the boxes and never used. I have been dreaming of getting it back after 5 yrs. (husband died) I used to play in it and of course decorate for seasons. My son called and he wanted to know if I wanted it back.. I said YES.. I was missing it.. I am getting it back this Sunday. I know it will take awhile to get it back like I had it.. Out side was not quite finished. it had 12 rooms, had it built for me. It is in three sections.. added on after I needed more room. Debbies dollhouse in Mpls. made it for me. Do not even know if they are still in business. I am going to be 72 this August and now I have my old hobbie back again.. God is good!!. It is not a toy, I spent $ ON ALOT OF GOOD FURNITURE.. Shirley.

    • No there not in business. Little enchantments in mpls is. Im so glad for you. I love miniatures. Have fun. Ive done quite a few have them here at my house enjoy them everyday would live to send you pictures !

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