Greenleaf Instructions / Schematics

I have completed three Greenleaf houses to date. I’ve heard from many miniaturists that they are missing plans for these houses (bought kit secondhand or for some reason instructions weren’t in the box). I’ve scanned the plans in order to help fellow miniaturists put together their kits. Also, contact Greenleaf for missing parts or instructions–they are usually willing to help.

Please note, I am only posting the sheets for the kits I’ve purchased. I don’t have them all!

Links go to PDF files that can be downloaded and printed.

The Westville

Westville Warmup Sheet

Westville Schematic Drawings

Westville Assembly Instructions

The Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Schematic Drawings

Beacon Hill Assembly Instructions

(note: my Beacon Hill did not have a separate warmup sheet. The warmup is on the first page of the instructions)

The Fairfield 1/2″ scale

Fairfield Warmup Sheet

Fairfield Schematic Drawings

Fairfield Assembly Instructions