Have a Merry, Mini Christmas!

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Christmas Projects!


I finally have Christmas projects to post. I just finished up this one:

This is a kit, a one-inch scale peddler’s wagon. I put together the wagon and then all the little things that go in! The accessories kits make lots of stuff–I have plenty left over.

A shot from the front, with the seat. I can put a Bryer horse in front of this–I didn’t have room in the display area for him, but I’ll fix him up for when I put this on its permanent shelf after Christmas.

I’m displaying this on a hall tree with a mirror, so we can see both sides of the wagon.

The interior cubbies light up (LED lights and battery pack included with the kit).

Cubbies on the other side full of more stuff.

More goodies on top of the wagon. I especially like the kit with the stacking boxes–the boxes are finished inside and out and the lids close.

A cool thing about this wagon is that it works. Not only do the wheels turn, but the front wheels are steerable. This is the undercarriage as I was putting it together. The front axel is (will be) enclosed in a box that pivots on a screw. The green dowel already attached is where the harness traces go–turning those steers the wagon.

The finished undercarriage attached to the wagon.

In front you can see the green traces that attach to the front axel assembly.

I’m very pleased with how the wagon turned out. When I get the harness done and the horse hitched up, I’ll post more pics.

I got the kit and accessories here: https://www.robinbetterley.com/collections/the-merry-peddler

Have a merry, mini Christmas!

Nob Hill (Quarter Inch Scale Queen Anne Victorian)

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While I’ve been offline the last month or so, I completed another quarter-inch scale dollhouse (almost completed, that is). This is the Nob Hill from Suzanne and Andrew’s Miniatures (click photos for larger versions):

This cute little house caught my eye when I saw in on Suzanne and Andrew’s website a while back. They made a limited number of these (I believe) and have since discontinued it (it was available for a very short time only).

I liked the colors and especially the tower! The tower is 3D printed out of resin–I added the paint. The detail is amazing.

I couldn’t really see the interior on the website, but when I started to put the house together, I really liked it too. It’s done in Arts and Crafts style and colors, with the doors, wallpaper, flooring, windows, and transoms with stained glass included.

The house is open on the right and left sides, rather than back or front, so the rooms can have a more realistic placement.

Entrance hall with stairs. The open door leads to the living room. Closed door on left leads to the kitchen.

This will be the kitchen, in the back of the house. The door facing us leads to the dining room. Door on right to entrance hall.

The living room with front picture window. Open door leads to entrance hall.

The Dining Room (or I might make it a second parlor or a music room). I like the wide Arts and Crafts / Art Nouveau room divider.

The living / dining side of the house.

Upstairs, seen through the back, is a large room (bedroom), with a smaller room in front of it (with the windows) and a room on the left, which will be the bathroom.

You can see  by the dangling wires and gaps in the walls that I’m not finished yet. I have to furnish the top front room before I glue on the roof and connect up the wires. I’ve been busy making structures, not furniture, but I’ll have to switch gears before long and furnish these houses!

When I get this furnished and lighted, I’ll do another post.

I’m really enjoying smaller, quicker projects after two years on the Beacon Hill!

I have more kits to put together, then I want to start designing some small houses and room boxes to showcase some furniture and things without homes.

Happy Mini-ing!

New Projects

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I haven’t posted much lately, not because I haven’t been doing minis, but because I’ve been writing so much I don’t want to be anywhere near my computer when I’m done. After a day of my laptop, I want to go analog, so I paint, glue, cut, no computer in sight.

But … I’ve built a couple of kits that I enjoyed and am working on another as we speak.

For Halloween, I completed this spice tin (quarter-inch scale). Click photos for larger versions.

A fun little project that introduced me to another way to light minis (because I broke the switch on the battery box in the kit–this is typical of me).

Anyway, the kit came with a lighting kit–LEDs plus battery holder and switch from Evan Designs. This is a cool, easy way to backlight minis, especially great for the smaller scales. When I broke my switch, I easily ordered another one straight from Evan Designs, whose website showed me all the LED lights and switches I could buy! Very inexpensive too.

Christmas Project

I realized I didn’t have enough Christmas minis (I have one vignette and that’s it), so I made this:

This is a microscale “Secret House” kit from Robin Betterley. I have the kit for the interior furniture, but haven’t put it together yet.

I’m working on another Christmas project, a (one-inch scale) Christmas Peddler’s wagon (again from Robin Betterley–my husband got me a gift certificate last year, and I went nuts.)

I’ll post pictures when I’m done. It’s teaching me how to put together a wheeled vehicle, which is very clever.

I also put together another house kit (quarter inch), which I’ll show in the next post.


Older Projects–Paris game room


I’ve been seriously busy this last month on work and travel, but I’ve been updating previous projects, mostly upgrading the electrical systems.

I built this games room a while back–the story is: A room in an old apartment in Paris on an upper floor, either in the 18th century or owned by someone who collects antiques.

I’ve changed and added things to this room over the years. This time I added a chessboard and pieces (I did not make; I purchased), and added an LED bright white light to shine behind the window.

I’m very proud of the gaming tables (below), because I made both myself.

The backgammon table came from instructions in The Scale Cabinetmaker (Vol 17, Issue 3). I made the playing pieces, the dice–everything!

The card table I made from plans in a book called Reproducing Period Furniture and Accessories in Miniature (I found it at a used book site somewhere). The cards are laid out in a game of piquet.

The decor on the walls are retro tarot cards (I think from the 19th century).

I put new LED light above a hole in the top of the box–replacing a fluorescent that didn’t do much. Now you can kinda make out the rooftops of Paris. I coated the window in clear nail polish to give it an old, bubbled glass look.

This is one of my favorite rooms, and I enjoy returning to it.

Beacon Hill: Right Side–Downstairs


Back to the Beacon Hill. I’ve started adding furnishings and things to the first floor of the shabby chic side.

On the entrance hall side I have some furniture and a few fun things. I’ll put this all together and add rugs, pictures, etc.

The inhabitants are getting ready to go on a picnic.

Slowly filling up this adorable cabinet I recently bought.

On to the kitchen. I am adding things as I go.

I took the baker’s rack from the front porch project (see previous post), and repurposed it as kitchen shelves.

I finally have a place to display all the food I’ve collected! I will paint the table probably dark red or dark green and antique it.

It’s a start!

Older Projects–Porch and Wicker


Next on my “fix-it” list was the porch I made at a NAME State Day. One-inch scale.

I changed the decor a little because I had purchased a wicker set by Uncle Ciggie, and I needed a place to display it. It’s porch furniture–ergo …

I’m picturing a warm summer evening on the front porch. I can hear the crickets.

I also came across this terrarium when I was cleaning out my closet. I’d had a scene in it that I took apart, and I thought–what the heck? This would be another great place for the pieces of the wicker set.

The lovely blue pillow on the love seat is by Wendy Smale.

I’m pleased the wicker furniture now has a home (or two).

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