Retreat in the Woods

I won this cute little half-inch scale house in a raffle at a miniature show (I never win raffles!)

I decided to finish the inside as a country “retreat” for those who wanted to get away from the hustle-bustle of metropolitan life but do it in comfort.

The inside is a simple space–one room with an alcove and a loft.

The loft was originally on the right as you look inside, but it bugged me there and it restricted decor on the ground floor (because of the ladder), so I moved it to go across the back wall.

I electrified the house, with a light over the sink upstairs and a soft light over the hutch.

I wallpapered many of the walls (which were already divided with the wood beams so it was tricky!) with scrapbook paper. The vintage feel of the paper went with the house.

The pretty weathered half-inch scale hutch and table / chairs are by the daughter of Ron and April Gill. She does beautiful work.

I will probably add more finishing touches to this little house, but for now, I wish I could spend some time there on a writing retreat.