Antique Shop


Scroll down for lots of photos!

I bought this shop at a dollhouse / miniatures auction. It was a little worn and sticky with wax, but I took it apart, cleaned it up, got up all the wax. I found I had a nice like shallow box (about 2″ deep) to make a cute shop.

The original shop was a Christmas store, with a cute Christmas gingerbread house or Santa toy on each shelf. I took everything out, added a few pieces to a Christmas display I already had, and decided to turn this into an antique shop.

I’d recently gone through all my cabinets of minis and found boxes of accessories that I wasn’t using, hadn’t used for a long time.

Solution: Junk store! I loaded the shelves with stuff, including some of the Christmas things from the original shop. I wanted one of those antique shops so full of things, you have to move three or more pieces to get to what you want to look at.


The store offers a selection of mirrors and old photographs as well as walking sticks and umbrellas, and a clock I made from scratch (one of the first pieces I made myself).


Shelves are filled with items I’ve stashed over the years: from an artisan made candlestick phone to the Dolls’ Cobbler shoes to a stereoscope from an old Chrysnbon kit. I seem to have a plethora of non-working oil and kerosene lamps too.







Needed a close-up of the demon cat. I bought this at a show because it reminded me of the terrorizing kitty I had at the time. She sadly passed away, but I have this green-eyed demon cat to remind me of her.

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