Vignette in a Book

IMG_2245 (600x800)

Unusual containers are a fun way for a quick display.

IMG_2246 (600x800)

I found this fake book box at Warwicks, a stationary and bookstore.

IMG_2247 (600x800)

I bought the book box when I saw it and put it in my stash. I recently fixed it up to display a few other pieces I’ve collected. The scene just fits into the book.

IMG_2249 (600x800)

The French toile-like wallpaper is a piece of scrapbook paper. It’s not exactly to 1″ scale, but it fits this scene. I always browse the scrapbook aisles of hobby stories and grab paper that looks like something I can adapt to minis. I’ve used scrapbook paper for flooring or to put on the outsides of room boxes.

IMG_2253 (600x800)

The gorgeous shabby chic desk and vintage postcards I found on Etsy from It’s a beautiful little desk and came with all the vintage letters and postcards. The chair I bought at a mini online auction. I acquired the picture somewhere and thought it went with the scene.

IMG_2252 (600x800)

IMG_2250 (600x800)

My handmade contribution to this scene is the inkwell and quill pen set and the letter holder (top left-hand side of desk holding letter).

IMG_2254 (600x800)

IMG_2255 (600x800)

IMG_2256 (600x800)

The little box to hold old letters and postcards came with the desk.

IMG_2251 (600x800)

A nice little scene to put on the shelf in my living room.

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