French Quarter

This French Quarter House is a kit by Karen Carey ( I have not yet completed the inside. This is a beautiful structure with lots of detail and space. It could be shops with living quarters upstairs. I chose to make it a single house–purchased by a couple who decided to renovate and live in New Orleans’s French Quarter.

I’m making the four rooms inside into kitchen, dining room / writing room downstairs. Bedroom and living room / sitting room upstairs.

Kitchen is Robin Betterley’s “Pie Kitchen.” Everything fit well in this room. The baker’s rack is by Pierre Luigi.

Made a start on the bedroom.

I also love the rooftop garden. I’m furnishing it with inviting places to sit and lots of plants.

I have more to do on this house, but I’m enjoying it! I have it in a clear cube sitting on a bookcase in my bedroom so I can see it every day.