Quarter inch finished outside

The Arch de Provance plastered and aged, roofed, chimneyed, windowed and window-boxed. I have difficulty taking pics of quarter-inch houses without them being blurry, but did my best.

From the top down on the left side.


View from the right.        Through the arch.

Left side of the house.

New Quarter Inch project

I took a break from The Big House to put together a quarter-inch house kit I bought from Sue Herber a couple of years ago. I love her houses–the details make them look so real.

It’s the Arch de Provance, which she has “retired” but I managed to get one before they were gone.

This is in progress, with the stonework in place. Next I “plaster” and age everything.


Back view:

The Westville

Two evenings ago, I opened the box of my Westville, which I purchased at a half-price sale at HBS. I looked at the sheets of cutouts and the instructions, blenched, and closed the box.

I had been jonesing to build a new dollhouse–one look, and I decided to go on with my room by room rebuild of the big house! I will do the Westville, but I will have to take several deep breaths first. After the Westville, the Beacon Hill beckons. Oh me.

Finished Upstairs Hall!

In my ongoing Big House Remodel, I finished the upstairs hall. Well, finished the interior design aspects–will add pictures, rugs, other decor later. The box thing is an elevator. All is explained in the Big House Remodel: Upstairs Hall link.


What it looked like before:

Next I’ll be taking what had been the kitchen and turning it into a utility/laundry/plant room. I already have many ideas on how to make it fun.